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Petite Trésors Rescue & Sanctuary​

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The Goal We Want to Achieve

Our mission is to provide refuge for life to abused, handicapped, and senior dogs. To support this endeavor, we created several Facebook groups and pages about different experiences and products we have created to generate funds to support the shelter.

About Our Dog Shelter

Petite Trésors Rescue & Sanctuary is a 501c3 nonprofit organization for abused, handicapped and senior dogs. We are located in Chesterton Indiana where we purchased a 10 acre farm to create this sanctuary.

The dogs live on the first floor with us as a family, while the entire upstairs was renovated for Airbnb. Our shelter is only 10 minutes from Indiana Dunes Lake Shore.

What makes us different is we operate like a hospice giving unconditional love, where these precious beings live with us as family. They are free to roam in and out, never caged and sleep with us every night. It takes a village to do this and we are inviting you to ours. Help us care for these voiceless angels.

We need volunteers who do everything. If you don't like dogs but do like to garden, we need you. If you like to do carpentry and have the time to volunteer there is enough work to keep busy for years. If you like to sew but have run out of projects our rescues are always shredding something. If you love to paint, we need it. We are not tech savvy, therefore if you are and would love to share your time, please give us a media presents. Are you an attorney that wants to do good? We are desperate for help. Do you have a skill such as upholstery? Would you like to give a class here? Are you a Potter? Would you give classes here? Are you bored or just want to sit and watch TV all day, but would also be happy to pet a dog while watching? Come on over. If you have read this far, we think you get the general idea, and just maybe have a skill or time or both we haven't mentioned. Please don't hesitate to reach out.

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