Petite Trésors Rescue & Sanctuary -

        a 501c3 nonprofit 

Go Fund Me Through theCovid 19 Pandemic

This 501c3 Nonprofit was created in 2014 to give refuge to abused, handicapped and senior dogs. To begin this venture we bought a 10 Acre farm and named it Le Château de Chien. The intent was to hold farm weddings to fund the shelter. Sadly the neighbors complained to the county and we were told we needed a variance to hold weddings and the neighbors voted against our request. This left us scrambling to find alternative ways of funding. Our daughter mentioned Airbnb and we joined. To our amazement we received SuperHost status our first year and have maintained that designation to present. Our Airbnb is seasonal. People love to come here because they can bring their dogs and hike the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore. We are solely dependant on the funds from Airbnb and the Experiences that people can book to fund our shelter. Since the beginning of the Covid 19 Pandemic Airbnb has cancelled all bookings. We are in dire need of funds to feed, get veterinary care and cleaning supplies. We have filed bankruptcy and are surviving solely on social security. We literally can't make it. We are requesting donations to care for our current 20 dogs and 2 cats.

It takes a village and the town of Chesterton Indiana and the Porter County Government has failed us. Please help today. To read about our Dog Hospice

100 Muddy Paws

Once Upon a Time I had a Blog called 100 Muddy Paws & Sjogren's

I will be starting again soon on this new website

Starting Over

March 15, 2019

When I retired, due to the office I worked in closing, at the age of 57, I wanted to work in hospice. Due to increasing physical issues, I realized this would not be possible. That is when I thought of starting a dog hospice. We purchased a 10 acre farm in 2014 to create our 501c3 nonprofit for abused, handicapped and senior dogs. Our plan included having farm weddings to help fund the shelter. We had asked the previous owner if this was allowed and the response was that we could do what we wanted because this land was a farm. Unfortunately this was untrue, we were advised by the county that we needed a variance, which cost us approximately $1,000 nonrefundable to apply for and the neighbors voted against it. Additionally, I was diagnosed with a disability shortly after our move to the farm, and a year after the purchase, my husband lost his job. We have struggled ever since to think outside the box to fund the shelter. When we renovated the property we had divided it in half so that we live on the first floor with our rescues and upstairs could be rented out for the weddings. Eventually we listed our rescue farm, which we had named Le Château de Chien, on Airbnb and Hipcamp. We are listed as Super Hosts on both sites with reviews that we are extremely proud of. Today the county informed us we need a variance to allow campers and has shut down our Hipcamp. We also offer experiences on Airbnb and they have been very popular. We also started a bee colony in 2015. In 2017, the neighbor next-door built his house on a hill he made and the runoff from the hill caused his pond to overflow and to merge with ours which drowned the bees, damaged the hive boxes, flooded our orchard and landscape. Here we are two years since, 2019 and still can't access acres of our property. Apparently the county does not care. We have held benefits, been highlighted in two publications, and have created several Facebook pages to help with our costs. Beside listing the rescue, Petite Trésors Rescue & Sanctuary, we have a page for The Greenhouse at Le Château de Chien, where people can buy our plants and flowers or trade. Paint-N-Paws 4 A Cause is an arts and crafts page where you can sign up for a number of different creative endeavors. Recently we had a grandmother book a class for herself, her son, his wife and their 3 children. The next day she sent a donation to the shelter and stated her grandchildren were still talking about it. Mary's Closet is where I sell all my clothes, shoes, jewelry and anything else people want to buy. We are constantly adding new things. After suffering unimaginably last year with Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, I created a variety of essential oil blends for Dogs and Their Humans to deter ticks, flies, gnats, spiders and more. We just launched a new website and I have listed the shelter on Amazon Handmade to also sell items. We are two seniors who just want to do good and leave the world a better place for the next generation. However, we can no longer do this without help. We are 66 years old and solely take care of the rescue, farm, Airbnb all the Facebook pages and Airbnb Experiences. We need so much. I will happily go without medication for myself to pay other bills. We need volunteers who do everything. If you don't like dogs but do like to garden, we need you. If you like to do carpentry and have the time to volunteer there is enough work to keep busy for years. If you like to sew but have run out of projects our rescues are always shredding something. If you love to paint, we need it. We are not tech savvy, therefore if you are and would love to share your time, please give us a media presents. Are you an attorney that wants to do good? We are desperate for help. Do you have a skill such as upholstery? Would you like to give a class here? Are you a Potter? Would you give classes here? Are you bored or just want to sit and watch TV all day, but would also be happy to pet a dog while watching? Come on over. If you have read this far, we think you get the general idea, and just maybe have a skill or time or both we haven't mentioned. Please don't hesitate to reach out.

In the coming weeks I will attempt to recreate this blog from the beginning in 2014. In the meantime, please check out all of our Facebook pages and Like, Share and Follow.

In The Beginning


I had always wanted to do something in a service category and originally thought I would like to work in hospice when I retired. Unfortunately, I had started experiencing a number of health issues starting 50 years ago and eventually came to the realization that I would need to do something from my home due to the progression and increasing severity of autoimmune issues I was being diagnosed with.

Mary and Rich August 10, 2013 Mary's 60th Birthday


I have always loved dogs, never met a dog I didn't like, however, sadly there have been many humans in my life that I can't say the same about.

My dear friend Mary Helen, sent me a picture of the most adorable puppy she met at an adopt event. Since my husband, Richard and I were already driving to the same shopping plaza we decided to stop and see the puppy. Love at first sight. Since I was no longer working at the time, I volunteered to join the rescue group that was holding the event.

Foster Failures

The first dog I brought home to foster was Daphne. Rich took one look at her and firmly declared she wasn't going anywhere, she was staying with us.


The next dog we took in was a dog we named Niles, you know, Niles and Daphne, he followed me everywhere in the house, in the yard, how could I possibly give him away? In addition, he was already 6 years old and "a runner", which means the pound in the next county had picked him up half a dozen times. Each time his owner bailed him out, they raised his "get out of jail" costs until his owner told them to keep him. How he made it out 6 times without getting hit by a car, picked up by a bird of prey or caught by a coyote is a miracle. So at the farm we had an 8 1/2 foot privacy fence put around the yard to keep coyote out and had a trench dug under each section between post filled with chicken wire and stones then dirt and mulch to keep Niles in. He dug a tunnel.

We Need More Room

I'm sure you know by now where this is going. Very soon we were in need of more land and a larger living area. After the first few little fur angels found their way to our front door, we became known in the rescue community. Since I really wanted the dogs that some people could no longer care for or had disabilities, or had been surrendered because they got old, the rescuers were now bringing their dogs that they could not adopt out. Maybe the dog had been adopted and returned multiple times, behavior issues such as, barking incessantly, biting, running away, their owners had a baby, the owners were too busy, dogs not housebroken, the dogs dental issues were too much to deal with, and they just didn't want them anymore. When it comes to excuses of why a dog doesn't have a home, believe me when I say that we have heard them all.

The amount of money that goes into taking proper care of a dog can be exorbitant. It is not simply the cost of food but in addition, The mandatory shots, vaccines, dental issues, emergency surgeries, pet sitting if traveling and finding someone to watch the dog, all of these can and sometimes do run into thousands a year. With today's economy, it is common for families to no longer be able to pay for the necessities and sometimes people are forced to move and are not allowed to have their dog with them.

We were looking for a property that was far enough away from neighbors that no one would be bothered by what we wanted to do. We found online an old farm that had been on the market for 3 years with a pond and 10 acres of land. 

We purchased it July 1, 2014 and named it Le Château de Chien,

The Dog House