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Petite Trésors Rescue & Sanctuary -

        a 501c3 nonprofit 

Go Fund Me Through theCovid 19 Pandemic

This 501c3 Nonprofit was created in 2014 to give refuge to abused, handicapped and senior dogs. To begin this venture we bought a 10 Acre farm and named it Le Château de Chien. The intent was to hold farm weddings to fund the shelter. Sadly the neighbors complained to the county and we were told we needed a variance to hold weddings and the neighbors voted against our request. This left us scrambling to find alternative ways of funding. Our daughter mentioned Airbnb and we joined. To our amazement we received SuperHost status our first year and have maintained that designation to present. Our Airbnb is seasonal. People love to come here because they can bring their dogs and hike the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore. We are solely dependant on the funds from Airbnb and the Experiences that people can book to fund our shelter. Since the beginning of the Covid 19 Pandemic our Airbnb has suffered. We are in dire need of funds to feed, get veterinary care and cleaning supplies. We  continue to request donations to care for our current 16 dogs and 2 cats.

It takes a village and the town of Chesterton Indiana and the Porter County Government has failed us. Please help today. To read about our Dog Hospice

The Disabled Diva

As my own disabilities progressed, I found I needed certain aides to assist my needs. Clothes without zippers, buttons or snaps that were easy to put on and off myself, but with flair. Eyepatches that were unique to me and matched my outfits. Canes that were colorful and changeable to go with my clothes. As I add to this repertoire of wearable aids to make my life easier to manage, I hope you will follow along and share with someone you know who wants fashion with function.

1 of A Kind Caftans

After a recent emergency heart surgery i was not supposed to move my arm for a month. I was given an immobilizing device to keep my arm still and dressing became an issue. I have always loved Caftans and created several Original designs to wear. Elements including bows,  beads, ribbon and trim make these the perfect piece of clothing. Roll and I brow in your bag for a scarf, beach cover, over leggings and tank or over a slip dress for dinner or a night out. Also great to sleep in.