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Petite Trésors Rescue & Sanctuary -

        a 501c3 nonprofit 

Go Fund Me Through theCovid 19 Pandemic

This 501c3 Nonprofit was created in 2014 to give refuge to abused, handicapped and senior dogs. To begin this venture we bought a 10 Acre farm and named it Le Château de Chien. The intent was to hold farm weddings to fund the shelter. Sadly the neighbors complained to the county and we were told we needed a variance to hold weddings and the neighbors voted against our request. This left us scrambling to find alternative ways of funding. Our daughter mentioned Airbnb and we joined. To our amazement we received SuperHost status our first year and have maintained that designation to present. Our Airbnb is seasonal. People love to come here because they can bring their dogs and hike the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore. We are solely dependant on the funds from Airbnb and the Experiences that people can book to fund our shelter. Since the beginning of the Covid 19 Pandemic our Airbnb has suffered. We are in dire need of funds to feed, get veterinary care and cleaning supplies. We  continue to request donations to care for our current 16 dogs and 2 cats.

It takes a village and the town of Chesterton Indiana and the Porter County Government has failed us. Please help today. To read about our Dog Hospice

Add On Services

Healing Touch $40

Aromatherapy $35

Meditation $40

Vibrational Frequencies Sound Healing $40

Additional healing modalities can be added on an individuals personal needs. These include discussions of Neuroplasticity, Tapping, Havening, Chakra Work, Ceremonial Work, Empath Work, Crystals and more. 


10:00AM TO 4:00PM


As a Healing Energy Practitioner for many years, and being an Empath, I have gained many insights into metaphysics, quantum theory and the energy vortexes surrounding as well as within the physical body. As a lifelong learner of all methods of healing, I now make my own antibiotics using essential oils and other plant medicine. I have been using essential oils for healing over 40 years, practicing and teaching yoga and meditation and recently became certified in Vibrational Frequencies Healing Sound. I have known and studied about the different frequencies of the universe, earth, plants, animals and humans for years and have now created a space to use the natural gifts of the universe to heal others. My latest endeavor brings all of these modalities together along with many other modalities including Tapping, Havening as well as Neuroplasticity. I invite all to visit my page The Wellness Center at Le Château de Chien, located at our 10 acre farm and Airbnb which was purchased to create the 501c3 Dog Hospice for abused, handicapped and senior dogs, Petite Trésors Rescue & Sanctuary.

Healing Touch

Energy Healing $80 

Clients remain fully clothed while on a massage bed. The client heals as the energetic field surrounding the physical body are cleansed and the chakras are opened. This allows energy to move in order to remove blockages interrupting the flow of energy through the physical body, emotional body and metaphysical body. Thus restoring a sense of calm, less pain, anxiety and depression.

There are a number of additional modalities that can be integrated for an additional fee.

CALL 219-242-1036

Vibrational Frequencies

Sound Healing $80

This service allows a client to remain fully clothed while on a massage bed that has been made to experience vibrational frequencies in hertz. The client heals as the vibrational frequencies immerse the physical body, emotional body and metaphysical body through adjusting the frequencies to the specific hertz for maximum healing.

There are a number of additional modalities that can be integrated for an additional fee.

CALL 219-242-1036

Meditation $80

Clients will be guided through a meditation by concentrating their breathing. Based on breath work taught by shamanic principles. This may be achieved through different aspects according to the clients preference. Using the massage table, while fully clothed, the client may have the additional experience of vibrational frequencies through music. Another choice is should the client would prefer a fully clothed sitting experience, the vibrational frequencies will be provided by drumming, the oldest of healing modalities. Additional therapies may be added for a more immersive experience at an additional cost. 

CALL 219-242-1036

Aromatherapy $75

Essential oils are applied to various parts of the body to be absorbed to aide in removing pain, calming the mind, reducing anxiety and depression. These oils are a living entity which have their own frequencies and by applying them to areas of discomfort bring the physical, emotional and metaphysical body back into alignment.

Additional healing modalities can be added for a more immersive experience at an additional cost.

CALL 219-242-1036